August 4, 2023

What eventually became the Wentworth Event Center was the legacy of Lloyd Wentworth, a passion project that began construction in 1978. In its 45 years, the place created memories for many people attending weddings, celebrations, sunsets with cocktails & music, a venue for the Cinderella Project, and much more. Lloyd built the outdoor patio that had one of the best views of Penobscot Bay, with visions of creating a beautiful space to share with his community. Despite the terrible loss, those memories will continue to be his legacy, living on within us all.

Kristine Wentworth, Lloyd’s daughter and current owner writes, ‘”the loss of this building, due to the accidental electrical fire that started Friday July 28th, changed the course of the event center’s future overnight. I had a variety of events booked for this season and had recently begun booking for the 2024 season. These events have had to move to alternative locations. I am thankful that the Wedding and Event industry in Maine is incredibly supportive. We work together to ensure that the clients and couples who choose to hold events in Maine are supported and their needs met. The venue owners and event professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with all believe that a Rising Tide Raises all Ships. The strong camaraderie within this industry enabled me to connect my clients with other venue owners and move their events with minimal disruption. It is absolutely heartbreaking to call a wedding client and tell them their dream wedding venue is gone.

The venue is gone. A building that my father built, where I grew up and where I have watched my children and niece grow up too. I will grieve this loss alongside the community and in time I will start looking to what’s next, which is a hard process, but one I am now navigating with incredible support from my family and community.”

The event center holds a special place in the hearts of all of Lloyd’s family as well as the community. The center hosted many businesses over the years, including (in no particular order) an open-air market, Monroe Saltworks, Jamie’s Miniatures, Waterview Wireless, Dr. Schwenk, Seng Thai, Curves, one of many businesses by Jerry Savitz (the chowder house), The Aquarian, and Bass Shoe.

Kristine expressed immense gratitude for the event center’s wonderful tenants, WCAP for the past 9 years and The Moody Dog, which served up an array of epicurean-level food this past year. Heartfelt thanks goes to the Belfast Fire Department and the mutual aid from Searsport, Belmont, and Morrill.

Check back here for updates as they become clearer for Kristine.

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